Madalina Dubiczki

Madalina Dubiczki

Senior Partner

Passionate advocate of the nowadays customer, in-tune with the digital world and new technological solutions.

sales-certified  Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant.

Worked for Citibank for over 15 years in London, Dubai and various regions of Central and Eastern Europe, in charge of multiple geographical territories and working in different marketing management positions.

Experienced in international marketing management, product management, project management, digital platforms and channels, market research, customer experience, budget planning, PR and advertising and sales, primarily in service industries.

Built teams of product, brand and sales managers, recruited and coached high performance staff.

Led large international projects, managed teams in different geographical areas and from different business cultures.

Contracted and partnered with advertising, media, digital, research, etc. agencies from various geographical areas and from various cultures.

Seasoned expert in developing and implementing loyalty and retention programs for large portfolios of customers, negotiated and managed long-term customer-benefiting partnerships and sponsorships with top international brands.